April 5th okeikoJapan has opened.
We can make a plan according to your schedule and preffered contents. Please contact us.


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Short time Experience Set
Compact experience of tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy and Japanese cooking in about 90 minutes


About okeikoJapan Miyajima

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    Temple of 300 years old foundation
    okeikoJapan has taught Japanese culture at a facility that refurbished the old temple called Tokujuji in Miyajima.

    Tokujuji is a temple of Soto sect which is one of the Zen sects, with a history of 300 years of founding. It is a temple that has been loved by local people since ancient times in Miyajima. Earlier I was an an owner of a female priest who taught tea ceremony and calligraphy etc. In addition, the former age was studying eagerly, opened the temple as a temple shop, and was taught to children in the area to study.
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    Experience Japanese culture
    okeikoJapan is an experience facility that allows customers around the world to learn Japanese culture by making use of the temple that has been popular as a place for learning.

    I think that you prepare various "okeiko" such as sutras, zazen, traditional crafts etc. centered on tea ceremony, japanese calligraphy, Japanese cooking and experience cultural learning for everyone who visits Miyajima by sightseeing.
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    To people all over the world
    I hope that you know each other through "culture" different countries and religions, and spread the circle of smiles all over the world. All the staff are looking forward to the coming of everyone.