Activity List

Recommend Activities Sets

You can experience 3 major Japanese traditional cultures as a set.


Experience set of 3 (120min) JPY 7,000 / person

"Tea Ceremony", "Japanese Calligraphy", "Japanese Cooking", + "Kimono Wearing"


Experience set of 2 (90min) JPY 5,000 / person

"Tea Ceremony", "Japanese Calligraphy", + "Kimono Wearing"


(We have changed the price from 5 April)


Tea Ceremony (30min)

Tea Ceremony

Sadou, Tea ceremony is the way to show your hospitality to the guests. first, You will see the performance of tea ceremony as making tea and serving tea. Then you will experience making your own tea.



Japanese Calligraphy (30min)

Japanese Calligraphy

Syodou, Japanese calligraphy is the art that write with bamboo brush and Sumi ink. You will choose your favorite Kanji(Chinese Character) from the sample and sign with Katakana (Japanese alphabet). You will take your work with you.



Japanese Cooking (30min)

Japanese Cooking

In Cooking class, you will make everyone's favorite home cooking "Onigiri". Let's see if you can make beautiful triangle.
(With reservation, you can change it to Higashi.(sweets for tea ceremony))


+ Kimono Wearing (15-30min)

Kimono Wearing

You can wear Japanese traditional clothes as you do your activities. Keep your memories with special outfit.

Another Special Activities

Those is reservation only.

Detail・Reservation Zazen
Experience Zen meditation for spiritual training.
JPY 2,000 (20min) Detail・Reservation
Detail・Reservation Japanese Dance
Let's learn basic movements of Japanese dance and try dancing with popular song"Sakura Sakura".
JPY 5,000 (60min) Detail・Reservation
Detail・Reservation Hand copying sutra・Tracing an image of Buddha
You can Hand copy sutra・Tracing an image of Buddha
JPY 2,000 (60min) Detail・Reservation
Detail・Reservation Clay work
Let's make our own clay models of sushi and okonomiyaki.
JPY 2,000 (60min) Detail・Reservation
Detail・Reservation Hand craft with Washi paper
Let's make a original gift boxes and paper bags.
JPY 4,000 (60min) Detail・Reservation
Detail・Reservation Saori-ori
Let's make stole!
JPY 5,000 (60min) Detail・Reservation
Detail・Reservation Sake Tasting
Let's try Sake made in Hiroshima
JPY 4,000 (60min) Detail・Reservation