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Experience Zen meditation for spiritual training.

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Zazen (sitting Zen)

Buddha sat under the bodhi tree and realized the way. Then, his wisdom was spread all over the world by his followers as "the teaching of Budda"
The Teaching of Buddha became "Zen Buddhism" in China. Japanese Zen Buddhism has developed in its own original way.

The essence of Zen Buddhism is Zazen . Zazen is putting aside 10,000 things daily life and concentrating "here and now"
Zazen , it is important to harmonize your posture, breathing and mind. Described as "Cho-shin (harmonizing the body)" "Cho-soku(harmonizing the breath)"
" Cho-shin(harmonizing the mind).

sitting in the posture of Buddha
breathing full, natural from the lower abdomen
the mind in its natural condition

In okeiko Japan, a monk will give you a lesson in Zazen , which takes an hour.

Your breath, singing of a bird, sound of trees,
You will realize how the world is rich by feeling the small things around you.

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