Let's enjoy Japanese culture at the old Zen temple in Miyajima.

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Recommend Activities Sets

You can experience 3 major Japanese traditional cultures as a set.


Experience set of 3 (120min) JPY 7,000 / person

"Tea Ceremony", "Japanese Calligraphy", "Japanese Cooking", + "Kimono Wearing"


Experience set of 2 (90min) JPY 5,000 / person

"Tea Ceremony", "Japanese Calligraphy", + "Kimono Wearing"


(We have changed the price from 5 April)


Tea Ceremony (30min)

Tea Ceremony

Sadou, Tea ceremony is the way to show your hospitality to the guests. first, You will see the performance of tea ceremony as making tea and serving tea. Then you will experience making your own tea.



Japanese Calligraphy (30min)

Japanese Calligraphy

Syodou, Japanese calligraphy is the art that write with bamboo brush and Sumi ink. You will choose your favorite Kanji(Chinese Character) from the sample and sign with Katakana (Japanese alphabet). You will take your work with you.



Japanese Cooking (30min)

Japanese Cooking

In Cooking class, you will make everyone's favorite home cooking "Onigiri". Let's see if you can make beautiful triangle.
(With reservation, you can change it to Higashi.(sweets for tea ceremony))


+ Kimono Wearing (15-30min)

Kimono Wearing

You can wear Japanese traditional clothes as you do your activities. Keep your memories with special outfit.

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The Highlight of our trip to Japan
I have to say that these beautiful ladies were the highlight of our trip. The activities were very fun and enlightening. The kimono and hakama were gorgeous and they spent the time to make them perfect! As with all of these experiences, it's the people that make them interesting and worth doing. These ladies made the experience the best! We also cooked, had a tea ceremony and learned calligraphy! We highly recommend it as a high value and high point of interest. If you're on the fence about doing it, just do it and you won't regret it. We feel honoured to have met these women and hope to one day see them again!

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Old temple in Miyajima

okeikoJapanMiyajima okeikoJapanMiyajima

okeikoJapan Miyajima
Open all seasons 10: 00-17: 00
5 min walk from the Miyajima ferry port toward "Tokujuji". [Access map]

You can experience Japanese culture at okeikoJapan where the 300-year Zen temple was renovated.

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