Experience set of 2

JPY 15,000〜 ( 90 min)

Tea Ceremony (30 min)
Japanese Calligraphy (30 min)
+ include kimono wearing (30 min)

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In this Experience set, you can take 2 Japanese cultural activities.
At 300 years old Zen temple, try " Tea Ceremony" "Japanese Calligraphy".
Each activitiy takes 30min and Wearing Kimono 30min. 90min all together.

zen temple

Tea Ceremony

Tea Celemony

Experience Japanese Traditional culture Tea Ceremony.
" Miyajima Osunayaki" is the special pottary in Miyajima which uses the sand of Itukushima Shirine.
You will see the Tea ceremony using this special pottery and learn how to drink the Maccha tea.

Tea Ceremony or Sado is artistic activity to understand each other through certain manners.
Today, Zen spirits is highly valued in overseas as a Japanese culture.
Feel Japan deeply through this activity which Zen spirits really exists.

Also you can make your own tea.
Compare your tea and the one your master made it for you.

Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy

Experience Shodo writing with brush.

Shodo or Japanese calligraphy is the art form which to write Kanji or Kana with Brush and Sumi ink.
As a Japanese, we all learn how to do it at school so that everyone has learnt at least once in their lifetime.

In Shodo lesson, you will learn how to use brush under the guidance of instructor, and choose your favorite Kanji and finish it.
At the end of the lesson, learn how to write your name in Hiragana, and sign and stamp it to finish your art work!
We have special cylinder to put your work so that you can take them home as a souvenior.
On your requests, you can write on Miyajima's speciality Shamoji, rice scoop.

Japanese clothes experience

You can wear Japanese clothes as you do your activities.

Keep your memories with special outfit.


We will customize the set according to your schedule or interests.
Please contact us if you have any requests.

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