Japanese Dance

JPY 5,000〜 ( 60 min)

Let's learn basic movements of Japanese dance and try dancing with popular song"Sakura Sakura".

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1, Beginning greeting

Practice Japanese style sitting
Practice bowing and greeting

2, Explanation of Japanese dance “Jiuta mai”

Jiutamai is one of the Japanese dance.
Jiutamai was born in 19th century, in Edo period. Jiuta music performed by shamisen was inspired by mai dance, so these two genres merged together. It is a very subtle art with special attention to pauses. It was born from the girly manners and interests the girls used to have in the narrow room space, covered in tatami. The most important things are – elegant movements of fingers and shoulders, eyes look, the ability to feel the space with the whole body.

3, Warming up

Training of basic walking style

4, See a model of Japanese dance"Sakura Sakura(Cherry Blossoms).”.

“Sakura sakura yayoi no sora ha miwatasu kagiri kasumi ka kumo ka niozo izuru izaya izaya miniyukan”
桜 桜 弥生の空は 見渡す限り 霞か雲か 匂いぞ出ずる いざや いざや 見にゆかん
A lot of cherry blossoms are blooming. They look like clouds in the spring sky. The scent of cherry blossoms comes.
Let’s go to the cherry blossoms viewing.

5, Learn the basic dance form

6, Practice Japanese dance together

7, Photo time

8, End greeting

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*This lesson need 2 people or more