Hand copying sutra・Tracing an image of Buddha

JPY 2,000〜 ( 60 min)

You can Hand copy sutra・Tracing an image of Buddha

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Spirits of Shakyo/Shabutsu
Shakyo is one of the practice of Buddism. The aim of shakyo is to spread the world of Buddha, and hope for your wishes to be realized.
Syakyo has started in Heian Period (794-1185) to cure the desease, hold memorial services, and practice of buddism.
As you can see, shakyo has long history, and it has given peaceful mind to the people.
"Hermonize posture, breathing and mind"
Spirits of Shakyo has deep relationship with the teaching of Buddha.
Calm down and relax by doing Shakyo and it will bring you to the stage where you can pray for the world peace.
Okeiko Japan will provide you with the lesson of Shakyo (copying sutra)and Shabutu (drawing Buddha'd figure)

After the lesson, you can take your work home. Also, you will have a gift set of brush pen, origami.

※Reservation within 2 days before the reservation day, there is a possibility the lesson can't be held. So early reservation is recommended.