Are there interpreters?

We can speak Japanese and English. Don't worry if you can't speak English, you can enjoy Japanese culture with experience.

Do you have various size of kimonos?

For small size like for children, we have kimonos for the person who is over 130 cm tall.For large size, we have kimonos for the person whose waist is up to 130 cm for women and 120 cm for men.

My knees are not good, can we still experience the lessons?

Please tell us If you feel difficulty sitting on the floor. We can prepare desk and chair for you.

About cooking lesson

If you are vegetarian or have food allergy, please leave the comment when you book us.

Can you take photos of us?

We takes photos of you through the lessons, so please concentrate and enjoy your lessons. After the lessons, we send photos to your e-mail.