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okeikoJapan Co.,Ltd (called "this company" as follows.) determines the following privacy policy (called "this policy" as follows.) about the handling of the privacy information in the service (called "this service" as follows.) to offer on this website.

Article 1 (privacy information)

"The personal information" is the information about an individual living by "personal information" to say to the Personal Information Protection Law and points to the information that can distinguish a specific individual by an address, a phone number, contact information or other descriptions on a full name included in the information concerned, the date of birth in privacy information.
"History information and the characteristic information" mean a thing except "the personal information" to determine as above in privacy information, and the service used it and the product purchased it, the history of a page and the advertisement looked at, a user point to a method of the use, use environment, a zip code and sex, an occupation, age, the IP address of the user, cookie information, positional information, the individual identification information of the terminal on a searched search keyword, the use date and time.

Article 2 (collection method of the privacy information)

When a user use and registers, this company may ask about the personal information such as an address, a phone number, an e-mail address, a bank account number, a credit card number, the driver's license number on a full name, the date of birth. In addition, information about a business record and the settlement including the personal information of a user formed between a user and a business partner this company's business partner (include an origin of reporting, an advertiser, an advertisement delivery point.) It is called "a business partner" as follows and may collect it from).
When a user uses the service of this company and the business partner or this company read a page, this company collect service and the software which this company used, the product which this company purchased, the history of a page and the advertisement that this company read, the search keyword that this company searched, the use date and time, usage, use environment (The communication state of the terminal in case of the use concerned, various setting information on the occasion of the use through a handheld unit are included), an IP address, cookie information, positional information, history information such as the individual identification information of the terminal and characteristic information about a user.

Article 3 (purpose to collect personal information, and to use)

The purposes that this company collect personal information, and this company use are as follows.

(1) Reading and correction of the registration information one's in a user, purpose to display information about registration information, used service and the product which he/she purchased and those price for full name, address, contact information, payment method to read the use situation

(2) Purpose to use the contact information such as names or addresses to do news and communication in a user to send a product to a case and a user using an e-mail address, and to contact as needed

(3) Purpose to use the information such as an address, a phone number, a bank account number, a credit card number, a driver's license number, the postal arrival result with the system of certifying delivery on a full name, the date of birth to perform the person confirmation of the user

(4) The brand name which he/she purchased to demand the price from a user and purpose to use information about the payment such as the number of times, charged amount, a full name, an address, a bank account number or the credit card number during amount, a kind and the period of used service

(5) The purpose that this company let an input screen display information registered with this company so that a user inputs data easily and transfer to (including the thing which a business partner provides) including other services based on the instructions of the user

(6) Purpose to use information to identify use state, the individual including the name or address to delay payment of the price, and to produce the damage to a third party, and to decline the use of the user who is going to use service for the purpose of being the user who violated the Terms of Use of this service and injustice, injustice

(7) Purpose to use the service use situation of information and the user who are necessary when this company including the information about the request of inquiry contents and the price provide service for a user to cope with the inquiry from a user, contact information

(8) Purpose associated with the use purpose mentioned above

Article 4 (third party offer of the personal information)

We cannot offer personal information to the third party without obtaining the user's consent beforehand except for following cases. But Personal Information Protection Law or other legal cases are excluded.

(1) When it is based on laws and ordinances

(2) When it is necessary for protection of human life, a body or the property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent

(3) When it is necessary for the promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of the child in particular, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent

(4) When it is necessary to cooperate for the person who received the engine of the country or local public entity or the trust accomplishing the office work to establish of laws and ordinances and might affect accomplishment of the office work concerned by obtaining the person's consent

(5) When the following matter is announced beforehand

The fact including the offer to a third party for a use purpose
Item of data offered to the third party
The means of the offer to a third party or method
Stop the offer to a third party of the personal information depending on the request of the person
When it is raised as follows, regardless of the fate of the foregoing paragraph, it shall not correspond to a third party.

(1) When this company establish it in a range necessary for the achievement of the use purpose and entrust user with all or part of the handling of the personal information

(2) When personal information is offered with succession of the business by merger or other reasons

(3) When this company put it in the state that this company share the personal information between an authorized person and use it and notify the person of the full name of a person having responsibility about management of so and an item of the personal information that this company share it, and is used, the range of the person who this company share it, and uses it, the use purpose of a person using it and the personal information concerned or a name beforehand or the person can know easily

Article 5 (disclosure of the personal information)

When disclosure of the personal information was demanded from the person, this company disclose this without delay for the person. But this company notify user of so without delay when this company may not disclose all or part in any of any of the following by disclosing it and do decision not to disclose. In addition, on the occasion of disclosure of the personal information, this company charge a fee of 1,000 yen per one.

(1) When this company might spoil the life of the person or the third party, a body, property or other right profit

(2) When it might affect remarkable for the appropriate enforcement of thIs company's duties

(3) When this company will violate other laws and ordinances

Regardless of the fate of the foregoing paragraph, this company does not disclose it about the information except personal information such as history information and the characteristic information as a general rule.

Article 6 (a correction of the personal information and deletion)

When the personal information of this company to hold is wrong information, the user can request a correction of the personal information or deletion from this company by the procedure that this company establish.
When this company judge that it is necessary that this company receive the request of the foregoing paragraph from a user and accept the request, without delay, this company perform a correction of the personal information concerned or deletion and notify a user of this.

Article 7 (suspension of the personal information)

When a stop of the use or removal (called "suspension" as follows.) is demanded from the person by the reason why personal information is dealt with in across the range of the use purpose or a reason acquired by means of the injustice, this company conduct a necessary investigation without delay and, based on the result, perform suspension of the personal information and notify the person of so. But this company take this substitute plan when it is difficult to perform other suspension when this company have a large amount of expense in suspension of the personal information and can take the measures that this company should take place of this necessary to protect the right profit of the person.

Article 8 (change of the privacy policy)

This company shall be able to change the contents of this policy without notifying a user.
The privacy policy after the change shall produce effect unless we establish it separately since it is placed in this website.

Article 9 (inquiry window)

Would you like the inquiry about this policy to the following window.

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