Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (called "this agreement" as follows.) determine the use condition of the service (called "this service" as follows.) that okeikoJapan (called "this company" as follows.) Co., Ltd. provides. To the registered user (called "user" as follows.), please use this service according to this agreement.

Article 1 (application)

This agreement shall be applied to a user and all relations about use of this service in this company.

Article 2 (use registration)

The registration applicant applies for use registration by this company’s method to determine, and use registration shall be completed by this company’s approving this.
When we judge that an applicant of the use registration has the following reasons, we may not approve application of the use registration and shall not carry any and all duties of disclosure about the reason.

(1)When user reports a false matter on the occasion of application of the use registration

(2)When it is the application from the person who has violated this agreement

(3)In addition, when we judge use registration not to be suitable

Article 3 (management of user ID and the password)

The user shall manage the user ID and the password of this service in responsibility of the self.
User can’t transfer or lend user ID and a password to a third party under any circumstance. When the combination of user ID and password accords with registration information and is logged in, we consider it to be the use by user oneself registering the user ID with.

Article 4 (charge and payment method)

As a value of this service, user shall pay charge displayed in this website by the method which is specified by this company.
When user delays usage charge, the user shall pay the late charges by the ratio of 14.6% a year.

Article 5 (prohibited item)

The user must not do the following acts on using this service.

(1)Act in violation of laws and ordinances or public order and morals

(2)Act in conjunction with the criminal act

(3)Act that user destroy the function of this company's server or network and interfere with

(4)Act that might interfere with The administration of this this service

(5)Act to collect or accumulate by the personal information about other users

(6)Act to pretend to be other users

(7)Act to give profit for antisocial power in conjunction with this service directly or indirectly

(8)In addition, the act that we judge to be inappropriate

Article 6 (stops of the offer of this service)

When this company judge that there is any of the following reason, this company can stop an offer of all or part of this service without notifying a user beforehand.

(1)When this company perform the maintenance check of a computing system or or update depending on this service

(2)When, by the inevitability such as an earthquake, a thunderbolt, a fire, a blackout or the natural disaster, the offer of this service becomes difficult

(3)When a computer or a communication line stops by an accident

(4)In addition, when this company judge the offer of this service to be difficult

This company shall not take responsibility for all regardless of a reason about any disadvantage that a user or a third party put on by the stop of the offer of this service or interruption or damage.

Article 7 (use restrictions and registration erasion)

In case of the following case, this company can limit all or some use this service for a user or declare the registration as a user, without a prior notice.

(1)When a user violate either article of this agreement

(2)When it becomes clear that an entry has a false fact

(3)In addition, when we judge the use of this service not to be suitable

This company do not take all responsibility about the damage that occurred in the user because of the act that we performed based on this article.

Article 8 (disclaimers)

When this company does not depend on our intention or gross error, our default on an obligation responsibility shall be indemnified.
When this company take responsibility by some kind of reasons, this company shall take responsibility for the compensation within the amount of price (sum considerable in the case of continuous service for one month) in the range of the damage that can usually occur and the pay service.
This company do not take responsibility about business, the communication or a dispute about this service at all that occurred between one of a user and other users or a third party.

Article 9 (changes of service contents)

This company change the contents of this service or shall be able to cancel the offer of this service without notifying a user, and this company do not take responsibility for all about the damage that this company in this way produced in a user.

Article 10 (change of Terms of Use)

When this company judge that we are necessary, this company shall be able to change this agreement anytime without notifying a user.

Article 11 (notice or communication)

The notice or communication between user and this company shall be performed by method determined by this company.

Article 12 (prohibition of the transfer of claims and obligations)

Without our written prior consent, use cannot hand over the right based on the position in the use contract or this agreement or duty to a third party or a security cannot offer the user.

Article 13 (self-responsibility)

The activity may cause damage or injury. All risks are taken by users.

Article 14 (age restriction)

Participant must be 6 years of age or older.

Article 15 (governing law, jurisdiction)

In the interpretation of this agreement, this company assume Japanese law a governing law.
When a dispute occurs about this service, this company assume a court having jurisdiction over our head office location the exclusive agreement jurisdiction.